Chapter 1 - Planning

'How I Make Money With $0' Case Study

"If You Fail To Plan, You're Planning To Fail"

You should know that, without a proper planning, there are 99% chances that you're are bound to fail no matter what. 

 Planning Introduction

Enough talk, lets get straight to the point. I know, most of you have a problem known as "shiny thing" syndrome. You love to buy/download things that promised you results but after you read/view them, you then move on to the next shiny things on the list. Do you even realize that this new shiny things are the same as the last one with little to no additional info. Question : Are you one of them?

Wondering why I touch the topic? Did I hit a bull mark? 

Well, honestly, the thing I'm gonna tell/give might be a golden egg to some of you or even can be the next "shiny thing" on the net, but, what I really want you to do is to apply the method, not just read it and move on.

Ok, enough rant, below is the 'How I Make Money With $0' Case Study planning procedure as I promised you earlier.

Chapter 0 - Introduction

'How I Make Money With $0 Case Study' 

Hi there,

Most of you might wonder the reason I created this blog. It's simply because I want to share with you my case study about how can I make money online without spending any penny from my wallet. Be assure as this will be a real life case study with real life results for you to see and review.

Most of you will laugh at me when I mention that I wanted to try to make income without spending any money from my end. Well, if this case study can be helpful to some others, I don't mind all the laugh and sneer I heard before I started this project.

Many self-proclaimed gurus or masters in this business are croak (I emphasis on 'many' but not all of them are bad). Almost all of them teach us how to buy a domain and hosting and then try to rank that domain/money site in Google with some of them then recommend you to buy traffic via ads to the newly created site. The visitors are then directed to either a review blog or a squeeze page. This is the most standard method to be use nowadays but it makes me wonder, can I do it with free sites or method and added a little twist?